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Source Code with some improvements


Hi TFSChangeLog-Community,

in my company we have made use of this handy tool to generate our changelogs from TFS. Due to internal requirements for the data in our changelogs, I had to make some specific improvements to this tool. I want to present my modifications and provide you with my source code so that you can benefit from my work. Please note that some changes in source code may have been made in an uncommon way, but that is because I didn't want to analyze the whole source code only to make some minor changes. If you have any questions regarding the following changes, don't hesitate and post here or send me an E-Mail.

I have tried to mark all the changes I made by comments like these:
...added code...
You might search for my name in the solution to find my changes.

NOTE: I do not guarantee that this versions Command Line Tool will work, I haven't tested it.

First the visual appearance:
  • TFS Server and Project Labels now display underscores
  • Included Folders into Projecttree
  • No "ROOTPLACEHOLDER", but Project Name
  • Icons for Project/Folder/Branch
  • No full path for Folders and Branches, but path relative to parent node
  • Added CheckedListBox to choose Work Item Types which shall be included in the changelog (read below)
  • When generating changelog the application asks you whether you want to include a hierarchy of the Work Items in your changelog (read below)
Changes to Changelog-Generation:
  • Work Item Type Selection:
    For our changelog it was not necessary to have all the Work Items in the changelog, but only WIs of certain Types. That's why we added the selection for WITs. Only WIs of selected WITs will be included or the application searches the Parent-WIs for one of the selected Types. If there is not a selected WIT in the hierarchy, the application skips this WI. When there is a Parent-WI of a selected WIT, then the application will show the WI-Properties in the known way and in addition there will be a small hierarchy of the WIs in an unsorted HTML-List, where the WI associated to the changeset is written in bold letters.
  • removed "Description" from changelog
These changes allow you to customize your changelog a bit more and can easily be undone.

And again feel free to contact me if you have any questions or problems.

Download: Solution TFSChangeLog

Best regards
Flavio Goncalves


sbutcher wrote Oct 29, 2015 at 11:23 AM

These are some good changes - thank you!