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Generating Release Notes Report from TFS

Users can choose between two different methods for automatically generating Release Notes from TFS using TFS ChangeLog application. First one is the GUI version that is available at {Installation Folder}\TFSChangeLog.exe and the second method is to use the command line version that is available at {Installation Folder}\TFSChangeLogCL.exe 

In this article we will be using the GUI interface of TFSChangeLog to generate report. Following example uses TFS 2011 preview server that is hosted by Microsoft in their cloud.

NOTE: TFS ChangeLog application uses TFS Client Object Model API which is installed as part of TFS Explorer. Generally, TFS Explorer is installed as par to of Visual Studio installation but if not then user will have to download it separately and install it.

1. Start TFS ChangeLog application by following Windows Start Menu >>> All Programs >>> TFSChangeLog >>> TFSChangeLog. You will  now see TFS ChangeLog Generator screen as below.




2. Click on Connect to TFS button and you will see Connect to Team Project screen as below.




3. In my case, I’m using as my server. You will have to configure TFS Server if it’s not already present in Select a Team Foundation Server drop down list box. Please contact your TFS Administrator who should help you with necessary connection details about your TFS Sever.  Once you are logged on to your TFS Server, you will have to choose appropriate Team Project Collection and Team Project and then click on Connect button. On successfully connecting to Team Project, you will now see list of all the branches from your Team Project appearing in the Branch Tree view as per the screen below.




4. Select appropriate branch and then click on Get ChangeSets button. In my case I’m selecting $/Test_TFSChangeLog/Integration branch. TFS ChangeLog will now populate Start From and End To list boxes and will automatically set lowest value in Start From list box and highest value in End To list box.




5. Select appropriate changeset in Start From and End To list boxes to form changesets range that will be used for generating release notes. TFS ChangeLog expects that End To changeset should be great then Start From changeset. Now Click on Generate Release Notes button and you will see TFS Change Log / TFS Release Notes report generated as per the screen below.




You will get initial summary information that includes information about TFS environment, project, branch, start changest and end changeset along with information about the user who generated this report. It’s possible for users to customize output format, control data using filter, apply different style, show different contents, etc. via XSLT 2.0 transformation.

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